About our history

Left AlignJohn Remus Services, Inc. started in 1950 when John Remus borrowed some of son Rodney’s newspaper delivery profits to buy a Venetian blind washing system advertised in Popular Mechanics. That system was a failure, but it provided an introduction to the window treatment business. Soon John and Rodney were re-cording and repairing Venetian blinds. From there, the business grew to include selling, installing and servicing everything from mini-blinds to plantation shutters. Three generations of the Remus family have worked to ensure that John Remus Services is responsible to our customers' needs and is a respected member of our community. We also strive to be good employers and fair business partners. This philosophy has allowed us to thrive for over fifty years.

Please call us at (561) 276-6914 Monday through Friday. Or email anytime.

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